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09045 recycled billboard fishboard bag 62 21 thumb SAM 3918 thumb SAM 3923 thumb SAM 3925 thumb recycled_fishboard_bag_60_09028_thumb.jpg 09033 recycled billboard surfboardbag 64 thumb 09031_recycled_billboard_surfboardbag_64_thumb.jpg 09041 camo shortboard bag 64 thumb
gear_bag_30245_med_thumb.jpg gear_bag_30243_med_thumb.jpg 30252_gear_bag_thumb.jpg 30253_gear_bag_thumb.jpg 30254_gear_bag_thumb.jpg 30255_gear_bag_thumb.jpg 30259_gear_bag_thumb.jpg 30268_gear_bag_thumb.jpg
le_ski_bag_170_20028_up_thumb.jpg le_ski_bag_165_20016_up_thumb.jpg le_ski_bag_170_20026_up_thumb.jpg le_ski_bag_170_20014_up_thumb.jpg LE_ski_bag_180_20006_up_thumb.jpg le_ski_bag_165_20022_up_thumb.jpg le_ski_bag_180_20030_up_thumb.jpg le ski bag 165 20012 up thumb
10025 recycled billboard snowboard bag 155 thumb 10030 recycled billboard snowboard bag 170 thumb 10027 recycled billboard snowboard bag 170 thumb 10028 recycled billboard snowboard bag 155 thumb 10024_recycled_billboard_snowboard_bag_155_thumb.jpg 10029 recycled billboard snowboard bag 155 thumb 10026_recycled_billboard_snowboard_bag_160_thumb.jpg billboard_snowboard_bag_170_10023_thumb.jpg
70001_recycled_billboard_laptop_bag_front_thumb.jpg 70014_recycled_billboard_laptop_bag_thumb.jpg 70006_recycled_billboard_laptop_bag_front_thumb.jpg 70015_recycled_billboard_laptop_bag_thumb.jpg 70026 recycled billboard laptop bag 15 thumb 70044 recycled billboard laptop bag front 15 thumb 70042 recycled billboard laptop bag front 17 thumb 70003_recycled_billboard_laptop_bag_front_thumb.jpg
board_bag_0021.jpg   board_bag_0035.jpg   board_bag_0009.jpg   board_bag_0022.jpg  
snowboard_bag-0026.jpg   snowboard_bag-0011.jpg  snowboard_bag-0022.jpg  snowboard_bag-0009.jpg

These are one-of-a-kind gear bags constructed from re-purposed billboards destined for the landfill.

The sturdy, durable and waterproof nature of this PVC vinyl makes it an ideal material for reuse.

Fashioning the giant graphics into individual bags produces a unique statement of funky urban hip blended with a strong social awareness of the environment.

At Stash-it boards bags we only use quality appropriate materials in the construction of our bags.

All Stash-it products come with a three month warranty against material defects and faulty workmanship.
Each bag is recycled, unique and 100% NEW ZEALAND MADE.                           recycledimages_1.gif

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