Ute Tonneau Covers

We custom build quality durable ute tonneau covers to your requirements for all makes and models.
Designed to create a secure and weatherproof area in your vehicle, and keep your tools secure and out of view.
Our Ute tonneau covers are tailored to your specific needs and designed with your individual requirements in mind.
We will work with you to determine the best option for your vehicle. 

  • - Constructed in industry proven high tear tensile, waterproof, abrasion, rot and UV resistant purpose made 640 gram tonneau fabric with a manufacturers 3 year UV warranty.
  • - Felt lining under the edges to protect your paint work where appropriate.
  • - We offer a variety of fixing options.
  • - All eyelets and ute bungy tie downs reinforced.
  • - Covers reinforced over the support bars and at all stress points.
  • - We custom make the support bars on site - the bars are essential to prevent water pooling.
  • - Our team of experienced personnel can attach all the fittings to your vehicle needed to secure and support your cover.
  • - We are equipped with a variety of fitting to accommodate the needs of any vehicle.


We also repair existing tonneau covers.
Parts such as shock cord and ute bungys can be replaced.
A restitch can also rejuvenate your cover.

Tonneau - Ute bungy tie down

bungy 1 bungy 4 bungy 2 bungy 3

Tonneau - Attached with continuous bungy cord

cont 1 cont 3 cont 2 cont 4

Tonneau - Attached at the front with awning track

awningt 1 awningt 2 awningt 3 awningt 4

Tonneau - Attached at the front with dot fasteners