Custom Covers

We custom build exceptionally strong covers to your requirements for all shapes and sizes.
♦ constructed in industry proven PVC or canvas.
♦ full range of colours available.
♦ we offer a variety of fixing options.
♦ we only use sturdy proven fittings.
♦ our experienced team can attach all the fittings needed to support and secure your covers

Generator and Machinery Covers

generator cover 3 generator cover 1 generator cover 2 motorsport_tool_box_covers_1.JPG

Quad bike cover

quad bike cover 1 quad bike cover 2

Dog Crate & Bed Covers

dog bed recovered heavy duty canvas dog crate cover 1 dog crate cover 2

Day care covers and protectors

daycare play shape covers 1 daycare equipment covers daycare play shape covers 2 protector pads for kindergarten

Event Covers

event bar covers 1 event bar covers 2 activboard 500 pro mobile system back view lbpb