Film Industry

Chair Backs

chariback 4 with chair-480-922 chariback 2-453-39 chariback 3-580-572 chariback 1-226-229

We have a variety of options available to brand your chair backs, please contact us for further information.

Directors Chair Script Bags

deluxe 1 edited deluxe 2 edited standard 1 edited standard 2 edited

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prop props 2 prop1 prop2
prop3 prop6 prop4 prop5

Prop Protection Bags

prop protective bags 5 padded prop bag padded prop bag 1 clear wardrobe 1 1

Equipment Covers & Bags

Wind machine Wind machine 2 tool bags 1
sound trolley cover 2 sound trolley cover 3 equip1 oceania chain bag


markers sandbags 1 refillable sand bags 2 sandbags 2


screen green screen

Eziup Walls and Gutters

eziup fridge walls eziup walls eziup bag padded eziup

Stash-it makes walls to fit your existing ezi ups in any size and colour that suits you. We also include gutters to divert water when joining ezi-ups together.

Truck Canopy Covers

truck canopy cover 2 truck canopy cover 1 truck canopy cover truck canopy 1
truck canopy 3 truck canopy 4 truck canopy 2 small truck covers 2