About Us


Stash-it was founded in 1987. 

Initially working full time and sewing Gear Bags at night then selling them in Victoria Park Market. 

Rapid sales of surfboard bags wholesaled to surf shops throughout New Zealand soon evolved into the addition of Ski, Boot and Snowboard covers.

Custom Canvas Work

Noticing the quality of our products, a demand for fully padded custom made bags developed and became an exciting new direction.

Customized general canvas work was an obvious extension of the work we were already involved with. 
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Recycled Billboards

Billboards first caught our attention when we were asked to construct tarpaulins for a timber yard. 

In order to withstand the extremes of the outdoor conditions billboards are made from sturdy, durable and waterproof PVC.

The Strength of PVC makes it an ideal material for reuse.

The graphics, random colours and designs make this an exciting creative fabric to work with giving each bag its unique one of a kind look without a high designer price tag. 

As all our clients are unique individuals so too are our recycled billboard products - no two are the same.

Commitment to Quality

At Stash-it we never compromise on our quality or design and are fully committed to manufacturing in New Zealand. 

We are proud to produce high quality long lasting products, with a comprehensive after sales service.

Contact us to create your custom bag or cover.
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