We have stock of recycled billboard tarpaulins

These tarps are fantastic value for money! We have had many repeat buyers and are currently selling allot to builders who use these whilst building, re cladding and re-roofing homes. All joins are welded with reinforced heavy-duty SP7 eyelets every meter on request. This ensures these tarps are superior quality and easy to secure.

Due to the high turnover of these tarps the sizes available are constantly changing.

Contact us with the size you require and we can provide a quote.  logo_1.jpg
tarp_reinforced_eyelet_on_new_PVC_1.jpg Reinforced eyelet example.

Reinforced heavy-duty SP7 eyelets at one meter intervals can be added at additional cost upon request.



wall_drop.jpg waterslide1.jpg waterslide2.jpg waterslide3.jpg
tarp wood cover tarp_wood_cover.jpg
These covers are made to the highest standards although being constructed from a recycled fabric there may be occasional imperfections.         MADE RIGHT HERE IN NEW ZEALAND